Representing the Communities of Blaine, Centerville, Circle Pines, Hugo, Lexington, Lino Lakes

My mission and vision

These are the areas of responsibility that I will concentrate on.

Promoting Business

Our district must work to encourage and foster businesses that wish to be a part of our community, and create an atmosphere that is Pro Business. This includes dealing with the government mandated shutdown that we all experienced.


We must encourage a patient-centered health care marketplace with price transparency to lower the cost of healthcare for families and small business owners.

Smart Expansion

We must consider how to plan for more residents and develop technology forward thought leadership that makes our communities a sought-after place to live. That means better, more well maintained roads, not trains.

Protecting Life

I am Pro-Life, and this begins with acknowledging the sanctity of birth as well as working across all the spectrums of our community to foster dignity, respect, and safety. I believe that life begins at conception, and that children should have personhood.


We all experienced the sudden jolt of having to bring our children home and support them during this extended period of distance learning foisted on us. We need to take the lessons learned and work to protect our children.

Minnesota's Budget

In odd numbered years, the legislature crafts a new two-year budget. How will it be impacted by reduced tax revenues due to COVID-19? As a business leader I know how to balance a budget and read a P&L.

Pro Second Amendment

I have been a concealed carry instructor for 17 years. I am a life member in the NRA and MN Gun Owners Caucus. My wife and children are life members in the NRA. I am a DNR firearms safety instructor. I don’t just talk about being Pro-2A, I live it and have spread the message to over 4000 students.

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