Videos from Donald Raleigh's Campaign


To comply with the requirements of this statute we will post the transcripts of each video we produce that is under two minutes here as well as an attempt to place the closed captioning on videos that are posted on social media.

Our preferred method is closed captioning within the video itself, but there are limitations on the technology and posting of videos that may make this practice unavailable at times.

Should you notice that one of our professionally produced videos is missing the closed captioning, please let us know by contacting us.

Citizens for Raleigh Campaign Videos

We need an experienced leader you can trust.  By reelecting Donald Raleigh to the Minnesota House of Representatives we’re keeping a local leader in place to take action.  As a 26-year resident of Blaine, Donald Raleigh has authored 10 bills to address problems with Highway 65, passed a law protecting our police officers and their families, and is focused on key community infrastructure.  Veteran. Servant. Leader. Husband. Father. Business Owner.  Experienced Leadership with Proven Results

Donald Raleigh: Veteran. Servant. Leader.