Representative Raleigh joins Blaine Police for Evening Ride Along

Representative Raleigh joins Blaine Police for Evening Ride Along

The Blaine Police department has a long history of working closely in the community and providing ride along events with citizens and elected officials is an important step in building relationships. Rep. Raleigh worked with Chief Brian Podany and Sergeant Mike Rygg to schedule the ride along.

Our Blaine police department is out in our community every day. They are our protectors, our civil servants. They are true professionals in every way.

Rep Donald Raleigh, Blaine

This is not the first time that Rep Raleigh has worked with the Blaine police department. A graduate of the 2016 Blaine Citizens academy, Raleigh learned first hand how the department works to provide safety to our community.

“For me it is not just about the badge and the uniform. I have worked closely with the department over the 26 years that I have been a resident of Blaine. From providing security services while the commander of the Anoka County Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol, to working with officers during ICS 300 & 400 training, the department has consummate professionals up and down the ranks.” said Raleigh.

Recently Raleigh and Sergeant Villegas rode together for Night to Unite. It is that type of close interaction that makes the relationship between our police and elected officials work.

Sergeant Wesley Villegas, Blaine Police Department

Rep Raleigh will be posting pictures and his perspective on the ride along as a follow up to this post.

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