The Polls Are Open – I Need Your Support

Its Beginning! 03 Nov 2020
    07:00 AM - 08:00 PM
    This event is passed

    On November 3rd we will come together and vote in the general election. I humbly ask for your confidence, and your vote. I have heard from so many of you in the district that you are looking for someone that will stand up for our values.  Someone that will be able to face the opposition and not back down.

    Ever since I was selected to be an escort to President Ronald Reagan I have stood my ground for our Republic, our values and our country. I am a conservative, a Republican and your neighbor.  With your trust and faith in me, I pledge to continue to earn your confidence as we head into the general election.

    I am a true Republican. Not just in name, and not just as a slogan.  It is in my DNA and something that I have lived and shown in my life, family and business since I returned from overseas after the first gulf war.

    Thank you for considering me to be your representative.